rareEarth Project Marketing is excited to lead the changing landscape of real estate in Vancouver. Westbourne Residences is the first development in Canada to have been completely sold through the digital contract process.

Imagine selecting and signing a contract for a new home, in your living room, on your laptop or mobile device, from anywhere in the world.  No paper, no waiting, no waste.

If that sounds convenient, it’s because it is. If that sounds like a far-off, utopian dream of the future, it isn’t. This is today’s technology. And it is just one of the innovative technology solutions we provide for you and your clients.

rareEarth is thrilled to announce that together with Yongle Technologies Inc. (Yongle), there is a new, more efficient way to sign contracts for homes. An easier, more effective process that incorporates the latest innovative technology. We’re setting the bar in our industry and this is the first step into the future of new home project marketing and sales.

Not only does this technology offer a secure, effortless experience, it provides an intuitive, intelligent method for signing, managing, and understanding our new home contracts. We are setting a precedent and a standard for others in our industry.

This innovative partnership is just one example of how we integrate forward-thinking technology in our project marketing and development strategies. Sustainable, efficient living is something we strive to incorporate into our lives, and it’s one way we are keeping ahead of the curve.