They say that first impressions matter, and we couldn’t agree more. It takes one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone or something, and in the world of marketing, a lot of thought, time, and planning goes into that one-tenth of a second.

When it comes to branding a new community with our clients, it’s not just about putting a logo on a new development. There’s a science and art to creating a genuine representation, an experience for your buyer. Because ultimately, it’s the experience that your buyers are looking for; values that define aesthetic, lifestyle, and community. And at rareEarth, we facilitate creative workshops with our clients to ensure that the first impressions are lasting ones.

A rareEarth creative workshop aims to produce a consensus amongst all parties. It’s how we ensure we are delivering results that are on the same page as our clients. In our sessions, we engage with our clients and creative partners to  understand the core values, dreams and aspirations of our target market – and shine a light on the core strengths and unique features of the community we are marketing to generate communication ideas and finalize a set of core branded themes to be carried forward into our marketing strategy.

Creating and developing the voice and brand of new projects with our clients, there is so much more than meets the eye behind its inception. From font, to image renderings, to the overall aesthetic. The influence of the project’s architecture, the experience our clients want to create for their buyers, the overall feeling, tone, and lifestyle they want; all of this goes into the building and telling of the story.

We look at it all. The details. The big picture. While seemingly simple on paper, these ideas shape our workshop discussions, moving us towards collaborative decisions that form a story, a message.

Because in a changing landscape where marketing channels have become much more dynamic, your buyer is seeking relevant, meaningful content at all touchpoints. How you tell your story has never been more pertinent.  And when it comes to branding, our approach is collaborative; we work with our client’s side by side, every step of the way, to find their desired message and uncover the experience.

It’s an experience that continues to be living, breathing, and constantly revised long after the sales launch. Helping to build a customized community, experience, and brand for our clients in these workshops is the first step to creating long lasting, forward-thinking communities that scale beyond two dimensional ideas. Tailoring the big picture to unique communities anchors the brand culture with one “ownable” story; that’s how we help our clients bridge an emotional connection from your brand to your buyer.