The rareEarth Way

Our passion and core business is marketing and selling new home communities. And we’re good at it. We’ve found continued success because of the way we integrate ourselves within our clients’ company structure and culture.

Tailored Marketing Programs

We treat every client and their new community uniquely. Right from the start we dig deep to learn all the unique nuances of the project, market and developer’s goals. This allows us to create and deliver a customized product positioning document, and sales and marketing strategy that is designed specifically to ensure the best possible sales result for each development.

Maximizing Sales Revenues

With a plan in place we facilitate every step of the process by leveraging our longstanding relationships with management teams, creative teams, architects, interior designers, lenders and sales teams. As a fully licensed real estate brokerage, our highly trained, new home sales teams know how to kick off and maintain a successful sales campaign.

Proud to Build Community

We realize that we carry lofty expectations for the communities and developers we work with. But rest assured the expectations we hold for ourselves are even higher. We believe that we make the world a better place by the way we market and sell new home communities. And we know this attitude has a positive impact on everyone’s bottom line.

Our Process

rareEarthTM Works is our proprietary and proven system for helping developers create, market, and sell new home community developments. Refined through each sales program, this process is a living, breathing system that is constantly being improved and revised. It is customized for each community sales program based on a wide variety of factors that include market conditions, location, demographics, community style and pricing.

  • 1. The Big Picture

    We engage in clarity and exploration sessions with each client to gain a greater understanding of the development team’s goals, such as financing requirements, sales absorption vs price sensitivity, and communication expectations. After extensive research, rareEarth will create a detailed “Product Positioning Document” that outlines our recommendations for the product offering, and acts as a blueprint for the design and finance teams.

    Community Envisioning
    And Product Positioning

    1. Demographic and psychographic market analysis
    2. Competitive market analysis
    3. Recommended product type,
    unit mix and design,
    amenity package and finishings
    4. Product pricing and revenue analysis
    5. Sales absorption expectations
  • 2. Developing The Plan

    Once the big picture has been established and the product is fully understood, we write a custom strategic sales and marketing plan for the community at hand. Our extensive industry knowledge ensures we create a strategy that will meet or exceed your required results.

    Custom Strategic

    1. Development sales goals and objectives
    2. Key sales and marketing strategies
    3. SWOT Analysis
    4. Key reasons to buy. Develop "Unique Selling Proposition"
    5. Dynamic critical path
    6. Marketing budget and cash flow projection
    7. Sales and marketing team structure
  • 3. Making The Plans Come To Life

    Plans are great, but only if executed with professionalism and focused excellence. rareEarth limits its business to 4-5 launches per year to ensure your focus is our focus. It’s one of our core practices. We also have close working relationships with industry-best resources required to ensure our plan’s success: Architects, lenders, interior designers, graphic designers, sales teams, and the coop realtor community.

    Disciplined Focus for
    Premium Results

    1. Overall community branding
    and positioning
    2. Creative communications collateral, sales centre,
    social and traditional media, and signage
    3. Event planning and management
    4. Master sales and marketing budget maintenance
    5. Extensive sales team training
    and daily prospect management
    6. Lead generation database management
    7. Demand yield management and
    price - absorption maximization
    8. Sales Launch - Pre-sales and Grand Opening
    9. Post launch tempo campaign
    10. Customer closing program
    and buyer experience